It's important to properly and carefully handle your catch if you want a skeletal mount! 

In an ideal world:

  • It is best NOT to spear the fish through the face or gaff it by the head bringing it onboard. 
  • Once on deck, try and minimize thrashing and flailing around and go STRAIGHT TO ICE!
  • If you have caught the fish on a rod it is best to leave the hook in the mouth, as removing it can dislodge teeth. 

Once ashore: 

  • You may process your fish normally for fillets 
  • Once filleted, starting several inches behind the pectoral fins slice up to the spinal column, then from the top cut down through the dorsal rays and to the spine. 
  • Snap or saw the spinal column MAKING SURE TO LEAVE SEVERAL VERTEBRAE 
  • Bag up your head, make sure the fins are straight and freeze! 

For full fish articulations please contact for special preparation instructions. 

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out!